Skylar Gray who?

Recently, a reappearing name has had me intrigued. Skylar Gray has featured in Diddy Dirty Money’s ‘I’m Coming Home’, but her vocals at the beggining aren’t enough to do her justice. The chorus is carried on by the ‘Dirty Money’ duo and do not compare, in my opinion.

Little-known fact, Skylar actually wrote one of the biggest songs of 2010 ‘Love The Way You Lie’ represented amazingly by Eminem and Rhianna that became one of the years most overplayed songs on the basis of collaborative talent. Although, Rhianna is a globally recognised talent and a hard-working one at that, Skylar’s original demo is out of this world. I discovered that an old favourite ‘Where’d you go’ by Fort Minor is complimented by her voice.


Since then, she released an album Like Blood Like Honey in 2006, which could be guilty of poor managment or bad promotion. Skylar has impressive vocal talent and deserves more than her 15 minutes.

A brief appearance was made by the songstress in her performance with hip-hop legend Dre’s comeback, with a modestly-lit stage something tells me Skylar may not be one for the limelight. In a brief interview she mentions that she was born to perform and not a very good talker. I think her voice makes up for this, so we can forgive Skylar for her socially awkward conversation and allow her to communicate with us through her music:

Also check out her track on Lupe Fiasco’s new album, ‘Words I Never Said’.



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2 responses to “Skylar Gray who?

  1. This is no lie…..ÌV bin searchin n stalkin her on net for a while now… bt I lv eventually found her like my ❤ in all those tracks….they're my all time favourite ….n I never knew she wrote em….*muah !!!!skylar!

  2. Samiksha Singh

    Has Skylar Grey anything to do with Jaydon Wale?

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