This blog acts as a collection of my work. Through my time at Bournemouth University studying Communication and Media, I have begun to recognise the significance of online communication. It has become an integral part of society and is a useful method of self exposure to possible employers, particularly in my career interests.

Put the blog to a face

My blog incorporates some of my academic work, which demonstrates my writing capability and individualistic style. I have posted articles selectively to which I think will be of interest to others, as well as reflecting my personal interests. In terms of my ambitions towards a career in the media, it has always been journalism which has steered my interests. Within the field, I would most like to explore entertainment journalism, specifically music, which is shown on the many reviews on this blog.

I feel this portfolio illustrates my professional aptitude and mirrors my personality. But it’s no diary! It is for you as much as for me, otherwise it wouldn’t be published for you to see. I intend to attract an audience with what I am blogging about, so get involved! Comment away..

Have a browse for yourself, you might like what you see!


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