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‘Bieber fever’ unnecessary hype

I doubt I am the only Bieber hater, but the 12 year-old, sorry, 16-year-old ‘pop-star’ has caused absolute mayhem with herds of tweens following the release of his movie Never Say Never. The film is needlessly shot in 3D, which attempts to pursue the same successions as other movies that have thrived on the 3D trend. It features him in all his glory, showing footage of his 2010 tour. Reviewers (of course I refuse to ever see the film myself) who are not crazy about the singer have taken more of a disliking to him. This all leads to the same question…what is with the hype?

Infamous Bieber pose at the London film premiere

This week Bieber has graced the UK with his presence to promote the new release and had thousands of girls screaming and crying to meet him. In the short space of 18 months, I have to hand it to the kid, he has shot to success. Boasting a staggering 21 million friends on Facebook, 7.3 million followers on Twitter, the most watched videos on YouTube and his name being one of the most searched for on Google he has not done bad at all. Fans of the star even call themselves ‘Bieblers’ and they seem to love the fact that he is all over social media.

The power of social media has helped Bieber’s extended 15 minutes of fame, but it won’t be long until he is surpassed by a younger and much more talented kid on the scene. Jaden and Willow Smith, although with a little help from their legendary father, have already covered acting, singing, songwriting, rapping and dancing collectively at the ages of 12 and 10. Other young talents, such as 10-year-old Heather Russell have been spotted on YouTube and taken on by the Cowell management. Russell begun performing at the age of eight, listing renown names Prince and Queen as her influences. The YouTube clip of her song ‘Every Step of the Way’ attracted more than 100,000 views and received recognition from celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore who have constantly tweeted about her.

Now this is talent worth the hype. Will Heather Russell be the new deserving contender for Bieber?


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My top 5 websites

Here is my take on the top five websites, you may agree that the shortlist is one from a student! But there is a few that haven’t made the cut believe it or not..we’re not all the same.

1. Facebook

Yes, it is number one regretably and also top on my thumbnails. But it is useful for staying in touch with those people who you don’t see (especially when at University) and for the nosey people who love to see what other people have been up to.

2. Google – and all its parteners

If ever in doubt about..ANYTHING. Google is the first search engine option that springs to mind, whether it is googling the difference between raisins and sultanas or browsing communication articles for the next dealine. Google books is actually my main reference for essays and scholarship.

3. eBay

Admitedly I’m a bit of an eBay junkie. But very useful for again..almost anything. From clothes to gadgets toSee full size image books, you can find whatever you want at a much lower price than on the high street.

4. Youtube

Browsing through my favourite tracks and the latest videos- instead of waiting for them to debut on MTV. It can also be used for ‘educational purposes’ as well as procrastination, there are teach yourself videos for instruments and it is where I learnt about the illuminati.

035 to London please

5. National Express

This website is a very simple and the most useful way to book a coach or train to their 54 most popular destinations, the transaction is easy and they provide you with options of an e-ticket or m-ticket. I like it for cheeky weekends home, once in a while to remember what home cooking tastes like.

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