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Comedy nation fascination

Only £3.50 a ticket!

There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying some light stand-up comedy on a Tuesday night in my opinion. Every month Bournemouth’s student night club the old firestation is home to an event where 3 to 4 hopeful comedians take to the stage to try their material on students and the general public. It never fails to be a night of entertainment at a very reasonable price!

Nathan Caton

This Tuesday (23/03/10) I proceeded to make way to the venue, excited for the acts that I knew would get me giggling like a girl. The first act Nathan Caton set the bar really high as he impressed the audience with jokes playing on stereotypes of his race. The self-confessed Lemar lookalike joked about his family, claiming his brother was at that difficult age of 14- the infamous ’stabbing age’. Telling us of his grandmaa’s hate for swearing, accompanied by a witty anecdote of how he outwardly swore at a driver without thinking, turned to her to apologise and was shocked when she agreed with him! Another funny get-up about his family was when his dad swore by him settling down with ‘a nice West Indian girl’ and Nathan replying: “Dad look, everyone loves chocolate but milk is good for you”. In which instance his father replied: “Not if you’re lactose intolerant”. I don’t think I speak for myself when praising Caton, his general stage presence was impressive and consequently he stole the audiences attention.

Carl Donnelly

Napoleon-Rogan appearance

I had presumptions about the headliner, as he would have to be pretty damn good to level Catons standard. But I had faith when he walked on stage looking quirky (he admitted himself) a little bit like Napoleon Dynamite! Carl Donnelly had a different style which was more improvised, which I liked- he did waffle, but I enjoyed his casual approach. Especially when he announced that he had been spitting on me the entire set, which was slightly embarrasing. His random anecdotes were hilarious, as you could imagine the compromising positions he described himself in. It seemed that Donnelly and his friends often get themselves into laughable situations, like when his friend emerged from the bushes at a party in the early hours with a fab ice lolly. Another situation that I personally related to was when he got into a strangers car and asked the driver where his friend was.

 After the headline act the night unfotunately came to a close and I had very much enjoyed my laid back evening of comedic amusement. Comedy Nation is on once a month and I would strongly recommend trying it out, I did and am now a regular. Be sure to check out the next one which is on 4th May, with headliner Rufus Hound- get your tickets at the SU shop!



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Timeline: social networking sites

See full size image

Social barrier or freedom?

 Social Networking sites are websites which allow people to build social networks with others who share the same interests/activities or even to maintain relationships with existing friends.

Although social networking sites are ever changing the concept stays the same; interactivity is what all of the web-based sites provide, making contact easier through e-mail and instant messenger.

Well-known sites such as; Facebook and Myspace are more general based , however there are countless variations which sometimes seek to target niche audiences, focusing on interests such as dating, music, film etc.

1997: Launch of the first social networking site SixDegrees.com, it allows users to connect and send messages to each other. However, its success was somewhat short lived as 2000 saw the website close. 

1999: Social networking became popular and then used as a way to target niche groups and subcultures; AsianAvenue, BlackPlanet and LiveJournal to name a few.

 2000: LunarStorm is relaunched and MiGente introduced bringing an online community of Hispanics together. In 2008 the founder of AsianAvenue and BlackPlanet bought MiGente and claims over 23 million users.

2001: South Korea was the next to jump on the bandwagon with Cyworld, which followed the general guidelines of a social networking site, however it was the first to introduce the idea that profit came from the sale of virtual goods. Recently, the US version of the site has been closed down until furthur notice. Ryze.com another site lauched in this period targeted at business professionals and new entrepreneurs.

 2002: Friendster was founded by a Ryze member, with a popular Asian uptake it receives 19 billion page views per month. Fotolog is self-explanatory being an online photo blog and receiving 750 million page views a month.

 2003: Several websites were launched; Hi 5 and MySpace being the most well-known. Hi 5 claims to have over 60 million active users and in 2008 was voted the third most popular social networking site. MySpace on the other hand had its popularity streak in 2006, until overtaken by Facebook in 2008. It had 1000 employees and asserts over 200 million users.

A typical Facebook profile

2004: OrKut, Dogster, Multiply, aSmallWorld, Catster, Hyves are a few that were lauched in 2004 that were less mainstream. However, 2004 saw the introduction of Facebook but it was only available to Harvard students then it began to develop so it became accessible to other students, until it became worldwide to anyone over the age of 13.

 2005: Re-launches of sites that introduced new networking features came about, for example; Yahoo! 360 (which also closed recently), YouTube and Bebo existed before but with limited interactive content, so they were re-launched and then added to the growing list of social networking sites. Facebook developed to become available to high school networks.

 2006: Facebook gradually becomes available to corporate networks and then becomes completely universal. CyWorld expanded to China and the USA, while the world saw the introduction of Twitter. With a revenue of $400, 000 and employment figures around 150, Twitter has become incredibly popular and sometimes referred to as the ‘SMS of the internet’.

Concerns over privacy of new site

2010: Google have recently lauched their own social networking site called Google Buzz, it includes most of the interaction components of social networking sites- sharing links, photos, videos, status messages and comments. Although, Google executive Sergey Brin, announced the service as ‘bridging the gap between work and leisure’, there have been many concerns over privacy and criticisms of the conformity of the site competing with other major sites such as Facebook.


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