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Now magazine website

  Analysing the effectiveness of the website version of celebrity gossip, Now magazine.


Now magazine is easily found when googled, being the third most searched for, however there are other Now magazines, for example Now Toronto appears as the first result. When searched in the popular search engine ‘Ask’, it is the first unsponsored site that appears. The URL is http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk which is pretty straight forward if not using a search engine, making it easily accessible to existing and new users.


The multimedia items, mainly videos, on the homepage and the designated video page, take a little while to upload, which could be frustrating to users. There are links on the homepage that allows the user to browse what they want to look at, for example, the arrows and the interchanging images.


The site is catagorised into some general concepts; news, photo galleries/video, style, celebrity files, horoscopes, shop, win and blogs. Within these there are many hyperlinks to navigate you to other pages, this is a possible critique, but also quite useful. The logo at the top takes you back to the home page.

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The magazine-style


The design fulfils the actual magazine theme, it follows the recognisability of the cover of Now this makes the site easier to find and assert that it is the one they are looking for. It seems to be very symmetrical, in the way there are many interchanging boxes/links, it is quite a neat layout. However, it can also be seen as too cluttered, with the features and the adverts. Another criticism of the design is that there are a lot of links that are interchanging which looks slightly messy and too much, e.g the No.7 advertisements.


Fulfilling it’s market of delivering celebrity gossip, pictures and fashion. The website compromises with the hard copy itself and rewrites some articles that will be found through both mediums. It also has interchanging photographs in the top box, which gives you more choice or something that suits different audiences. Staying loyal to the ‘fashion’ theme, there are links of dresses halfway down the website. There are links showing the websites association with Facebook and Twitter. The advertisements are ones aimed at the female audience, for skincare, make-up and shopping. Everytime you navigate back to the home page the stories are refreshed and have updated.


Audio content is not made clear at all, there is none evident on the home page. This is a major criticism, as it doesn’t cater to all audiences with reading or seeing difficulties. When the term ‘audio’ is typed into the search bar, there are two pages of results, so there are audio related features on the site, just not clearly shown.


In comparison to the minimal audio content, there is emphasis on the videos, as well as pictures. On the right hand panel there are two interchanging boxes that feature the ‘top videos’ and the other has catagories of videos, the arrow allows user to see more videos they may want to watch. These panels remain there when browsing the rest of the site, however they sometimes take a while to upload. The videos that are shown bigger in the designated section are poor quality and quite pixelated compared to watching the videos on the side panels.


Should Amy Winehouse remove her implants?


  • Yes, they look like they might blow up!
  • No, they look good on her
  • Interactivity has become a key component of websites, as it is a way for users to have more involvement on the site. On the homepage, there is a ‘latest poll’ section- which is updated and allows users to have their say. Users can comment on news stories, pictures, videos and blogs. However, it doesn’t look as though the users are taking advantage of this, as there are no comments on any of these. The user can be directed straight to sites where they can browse the websites latest recommended fashion and shop online. Various competitions can be entered by most users, those over 18.

    User-generated content:

    There does not seem to be any content created by the users. The stories have been written by editors of the magazine and there are bloggers that create their content.


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    James Corden: I’m not some big stud

    Recently, I wrote into Now magazine, as they set me a task to write an article in accordance with the style used on their website. In 250 words here is the finished piece:

    TV’s funny man bares all.

    Rumoured to be reunited with Sheridan

    Gavin and Stacey success story, James Corden reassures us fame hasn’t changed him.

    After being linked to celebrities Lily Allen and Natalie Cassidy, between his break-up from co-star Sheridan Smith (his on-screen sister Rudi), James assures us there is no secret to his womanizing ways.

    ‘I don’t imagine anyone asks Brad Pitt why all these people fancy him, but with me, people ask all the time. I guess what they’re saying is: ‘You’re not attractive, yet people think you are.’ I have to take it with a bag of salt, really.’

    ‘It’s odd because I’d class myself as a confident person, but it feels like the older I get, the longer the bouts of insecurity.’

    Although, James experiences the same set-backs as us all, he remains grounded: ‘I’ve never felt pressure to lose weight from within the business.’

    Hit series Gavin and Stacey has achieved great success, winning two BAFTAs in 2008. James never expected the show to be this successful he tells Now online, ‘What I love is that it wasn’t a show people were told they had to watch – they just kind of found it. It’s had a real slow burn to it.’

    In September 2009 BBC sold the rights to ABC network. ‘We have to let them make their own show and hope they do it right. It would be stupid for us to try to write it – I don’t know anything about American family life.’

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