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Get Him to the Greek: this years Hangover?

And get yourself to the cinema

 Although, Get Him to the Greek acts as a spin-off to Brand’s first attempt acting Forgetting Sarah Marshall don’t expect anything close to a romantic comedy. It is more a tale about a budding friendship that takes its turns in the rock and roll lifestyle of Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) and Aaron’s (Jonah Hill) mission to get him to perform a comeback concert at the Greek theatre in L.A. Diddy plays an exaggerated version of what he really is, a over-the-top, intimidating, slightly crazy music executive. And he does it well, alongside Aaron his intern and Aldous his task.

The three work well together

With many celebrity cameos from Pink to Lars Ulrich, I think it’s fair to say Get Him to the Greek is this years Hangover and a fair comparison!

My verdict: 8/10


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Guess who’s back..

Today is the day.. 

Aftermath Records presents..

The release date of Hip-Hops most anticipated album, controversial, 37 year-old rapper Eminem is back and better than ever! The appropriately titled ‘Recovery’ hits stores today and my verdict is to get it now. 

Okay, so I’ve grown up following his career and knowing almost every lyric to every song- this might mean I’m that little bit bias. But even I can admit that Relapse didn’t quite hit the spot like his other albums, it was clear that the record label and management had more involvement than he did. Which he truthfully admits on the track ‘Talkin’ to Myself’ rapping: “Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushing ’em out/I’ve come to make it up to you, now no more fucking around/I got something to prove to fans cause I feel like I let ’em down”. Now we are assured by the man himself, the real Eminem is back, doing what he does best: telling it like it is.  

Much excitement has followed the release of ‘Recovery’; this time it hasn’t got the touch of producer Dr Dre, instead a range of producers from DJ Kahlil to Just Blaze. With collaborations on the album including: Rhianna, Pink, Lil’ Wayne and Drake which are tracks that speak for themselves. In fact, Canadian-born artist Drake released ‘Thank Me Later’ a week ago and is predicted to give Em some tough competition. These two albums are ones that are very much-needed to revive Hip-Hop, following the industries 11% decline in album sales. Another decline that can be put down to economic downfall, but also companies arguing that illegal file sharing plays its part. 

Always looking the part

Lyrically, Em is on top of his game. Personally I’m a fan of ‘So Bad’, the only song on the album produced by Dre, although it is less serious than the others. ‘Your Never Over’ is a classic flow, which displays Eminem’s attempt at singing and is dedicated to his best friend Proof, who died in 2006. Female vocals have always complimented an Eminem track well proved by ‘Superman’ on ‘The Eminem Show’ album, this album makes no exceptions to that. ‘Love The Way You Lie’ with Rhianna will no doubt top the charts and the song ‘Almost Famous’ is outstanding. 

Eminem is in a league of his own. Recovery. Get it now. 


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