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Q & A: I talk films with Sam

Catching him for a quick chat on Twitter, Sam Teckman shares his insights on film that proves he is in the right place doing a media-based degree at Bournemouth University. I ask him some Twitter-style interview questions, so he can share his ‘knowledge’ to the world!

Me: Let’s start basic Sam, what is your favourite film?

Sam: Ahh how can you pick there are so many great films and so many genres. But if I absolutely had to I would say Old Boy, which is a Korean film which I got really into, they have a raw and interesting edge to them. Another favourite has to be Momento, because of the unique post-modern nature it possess, I just think it’s so clever.

Me: Okay if this is the case, what would you say your favourite genre is?

Sam: Oh that’s a tough one too! I think it is the word favourite (laughs). The types of films I like are usually ones with a clever and unusual plot that I won’t guess in the first ten minutes. I hate films that are predictable, romcoms often are with their soppy endings! When I watch a film I want something out of it, not the expected.

Hit or miss? Sam spills

Me: Interesting…How do you watch films usually?

Sam: Well I love it when films are on TV- I am a skint student remember, but I do enjoy going to the cinema depending on the reviews and the hype over what is out. I absolutely hate watching films that are bad quality, it actually offends me! I just don’t see the point.

Me: What do you think of new releases, what was the last good film you saw in the cinema?

Sam: Both District 9 and Avatar were amazing. District 9 delivers a deep message and the casting for the movie was tactical, they didn’t put Hollywood actors with an accent as fake as my watch, which would have ruined the film completely. Avatar, on the other hand was a phenomenal film, because they introduced the idea of science fiction in a simple way where it would be intriguing but gripping at the same time.

Me: Do you idolise any director or film-maker? If so who?

Sam: Well, there are the classic ones like Tim Burton and James Cameron, but I also like Christopher Nolan. They all have a certain style that they work well with and they are prestigious in their art.  I dislike Micheal Bay, it seems as though he just likes to blow things up!


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