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‘Addiction’: extract of short story

I never thought the day would come when it would catch up with me. My legs were still shaking from running as I stood in the alleyway attempting to get my breath back. The night created a blanket around me and I began to feel a slight tingling in my leg as I regained a comfortable sense in my pause. It was time to start moving again. I looked once more behind me into the road. No cars were streaming past, and no sign of any pedestrian life in a while.

It had to be a dream. I pinched myself. Nothing. It was confusing to think this was reality. I couldn’t believe what my life had become over the past two months. When was I going to wake up from this can of worms I so unwillingly unleashed?

My head throbbed as I continued my pace down the alleyway. There was still an immense sense of urgency in my mind, although my surroundings presented no evidence for my fear. It was mind-numbing. A force of confusion took over my body and I tripped slightly. I was trembling from my memories of the day. A hot flash; and suddenly it all poured out in a sticky red puddle around me. I wiped my mouth, and hit the floor, unconscious, if only for a second.

And then my mind regained consciousness and my eyes fluttered open, watering. Masks of turquoise green stood tall above me. Imposing eyes and fiddly hands. Some kind of intricate work taking place on my body. That mind-numbing feeling returned, with a friend called Pain that invaded every inch of my body until I was as stiff as a mummy.

Another needle later and a brief pause that seemed to have lasted longer this time and my eyes were once again open. The room was calm. The whistling of the caretaker down the corridor soothed me, as he mopped peacefully. Nurses sluggishly went about their business close by and a weak elderly man groaned in the bed beside me.

My head was full of memories, none of which made sense. Nothing came to me from my surroundings. I was lost in a floating bed in some sort of powerfully soothing paradise. The white whirls of the walls caved around my head creating ever-making shapes. The nurses’ faces smiled like angels sent to protect and heal me. I felt secure here, happy. It was a place where I knew good things happen, almost miracles.



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