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Jail blog

Weezythanxyou is not just an ordinary fan site…It’s actually the site where New Orleans born rapper, Lil’ Wayne blogs updates from his prison sentence to his fans.

Say cheese Weezy

Whilst we are still getting used to various celebrities having Facebook and Twitter, posting updates and using social media to generally boost publicity it seems hard to believe that now we are getting intimate posts from celebrities in prison. However, this is not one of those situations where we all complain about the useless american police system where celebrities get priority over the average deviant. Lil’ Wayne is writing letters to his label and the company’s online marketer Karen Civil rewrites the letters into a post. In his first letter ‘Gone ’til November’ on the 2nd April, Wayne expresses love for his fans and assures them “my spirit and my love can never be confined to prison walls”.

Carter, as referred to by his birth name, was jailed last month for the possession of a gun. He is to serve a year long sentence for his crime, but this will not stop the rapper. Although locked up he has made sure he won’t be forgotton in a hurry, as he is still all over our music channels- he lined-up a good few releases. And it’s not just that he’s taken care of, there are ‘Free Weezy’ t-shirts available for purchase at $29.99. Talk about taking care of the finances..

Inspirational words are sent in the post: “The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done…you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do”. It really gives a personal insight into the situation Carter has found himself in and is quite touching. Personally, I think it is amazing that Lil’ Wayne is staying true to his fans and showing his appreciation by answering to them.

I admire his loyalty. So although I won’t be buying a ‘Free Weezy’ t-shirt anytime soon, I still support this move. Head-up Weezy, you won’t be replaced the game ain’ the same without you!

I’ll leave you with a track off his brand new album:


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